Title: Simple Preloader
Author: AEvision
Difficulty: Intermediate
Prerequisites: None

In this toturial, you're going to learn how to make a "simple preloader".

The person who's going to view your flash project must receive an indication that your flash file is being loaded.


Simple preloaders are useful with small-sized flash files.


Note: With big files, you should always use the "Percentage Preloader". A percentage indication gives the viewer an idea of how big the file is and whether he wants to wait for it to complete or not.



Let's start by creating two scenes.

  • Go to: Modify>Scenes. Click on the (+) sign. This should add a new scene to the existing default "Scene 1".

We're going to place the preloader on the first scene and call it "preloader". The second scene is where all your content goes, call it "scene". As shown in Fig 1.


When done with the renaming, keep the selection on "preloader" as that's the scene we're going to work on in the following steps.



  • Good, now click on the first frame and select the Text Tool (you can also press T on your keyboard).

Type "Loading" as shown in Fig 2.













  • Right-click on the second frame and select "Insert KeyFrame".

Do the same with the third and forth frames.

  • Go back to the second frame now and add a dot to "Loading."
  • The third frame has 2 dots "Loading.." and the forth has 3 dots "Loading..." as shown in Fig 3.

Good job!


Two more steps to go. :)


Fig 1




Fig 2



Fig 3

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