Title: Preloading main movie with levels all together
Author: Warrior
Difficulty: Intermediate
Requirements: Any version of Flash
Prerequisites: Basic ActionScript Knowledge

I have struggled so hard to find a cure for this. After trial and errors, thank God, I found a way to preload the main movie with levels all at the same. Some websites preload levels one at a time and it will get annoying for some users to wait every time for a different movie to load. If you follow this tutorial carefully, you should have no problem.

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Put a stop(); action in the first Keyframe of the movie(s) being loaded and nothing else. No movie clip, no graphic, no music or picture but just an empty Keyframe and a stop(); action. Then you load the movies you want. You can load all the movies at once or just a few.


Here is the code to preload the movie(s) Put this code on your preloader:


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