Title: Tween Effects
Author: AEvision
Difficulty: Beginner
Prerequisites: Motion Tween

In this toturial, you're going to learn how to add:

  • Alpha.
  • Tint.
  • Brightness.

to your tweened animation.

Note: Please make sure you have already read and understood the tutorial on "Motion Tweening" as the following tutorial relies on that.





  • Start by clicking on the first frame of "Layer 1", just to be sure the object we are going to draw will be placed there.
  • Click on the "Text Tool" and type on the stage anything you desire, Alpha for example.
  • Right-click on the first Keyframe and select "Create Motion Tween" as shown in Fig1.





You're almost done! :)

  • Right-click on the 15th frame, and select "Insert Keyframe" as shown in Fig 2 on the right








  • Make sure the 15th frame is selected, now select the "Free Transformation" Tool on the left and drag the text from its corner as shown in Fig 3.
    (You may hold the "shift" key on your keyboard to enlarge it evenly)
  • Select the enlarged text, not the keyframe, the object on the stage itself. Below you'll find the "Properties" bar, if you can't, go to Windows>Properties.
  • *Click on the "Color" drop down menu and select "Alpha", as show in Fig 4. You may change the amount of Alpha (transparency) of the object by changing the percentage.

You're done!


Go to "Control>Test Movie" for the result.


Well done! For additional effects, please read the last part below.


Tint, Brightness:

  • Refer to the * above and instead of choosing "Alpha" from the drop down menu, choose "Tint", that's all!

You do the same with "Brightness" and "Advanced"


Hope you enjoyed this tutorial :)


Fig 1



Fig 2


Fig 3


Fig 4







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