Title: Creating Buttons
Author: AEvision
Difficulty: Intermediate
Prerequisites: None

In this toturial, you're going to learn how to create buttons and

apply simple Actions to them to jump to certain keyframes.

To ease this, we're going to use simple drawings for the buttons.


Once you get the basic idea behind creating buttons, you can

start drawing some cool buttons like these:



Let's begin this by drawing the button.


Select the Rectangular Tool and draw the shape you desire, as Fig 1 for example.


To get the rounded shape on the corners of your rectangular button, select the tool (Round Rectangle Radius) and apply the corner radius value before you draw the button.


Use the color mixer to apply "Linear" color to your button if you like.



We're going now to convert the shape we drew into a Symbol. That is, making the shape behave as a button.

  • Select your object on the stage and press F8 (or go to Insert>Convert to Symbol)
  • Select "Button" as the Behavior, and name the Symbol "button1" as shown in Fig 2





To save time and effort, when creating more than one button, press F11 or go to Windows>Library and dublicate your button. (Right-click as shown in Fig 3).


To avoid any conflicts between the dublicated buttons, rename the second button to "button2" the third to "button3" and so on. Dublicate as needed, and rename in accordance.


In this tutorial we are going to use 3 buttons.



Fig 1








Fig 2




Fig 3


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