Title: Embedding Flash into MS Powerpoint
Author: AEvision
Difficulty: Beginner
Requirements: MS Powerpoint 2000 +
Prerequisites: None

Adding a little of interactivity and animation to your powepoint presentation can greatly ease sending your message to your audiance. In this tutorial, I'm going to show you in very easy steps how to add flash swf files to your Powerpoint slides.

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The first step is to display the control panel that enables you to add Flash.

In the menu of MS Powerpoint, as shown in Fig 1:

Go to: View > Toolbars > Visual Basic

The visual Basic panel will appear as shown below:





Click on the "Control Toolbox" and the Control Toolbox panel will appear, as shown in Fig 2.










In the Control Toolbox panel, click on More Controls, a list of controls will appear, scroll down and select Shockwave Flash Object, as shown in fig 3.

Fig 1



Fig 2




Fig 3

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